Women Change The World®

Women Change the World® is here to provide a new perspective. One filled with hope, support and new friendships as you create the next chapter in life. A chapter designed with a clear vision, courageous action and calm confidence.

Are you a woman age 40 & over
experiencing massive and overwhelming change?

Have you gotten to the point where you’ve said…

I’m DONE and things have GOT to change?

Have you ever thought…Damn I usually have it together and I’m losing it?

Are you starting over again…AGAIN? AND are you ready to get real with your magnificent self?

All this is possible and more when you love 
yourself FIRST, clearly define what you DO want.

You can live courageously and enjoy the confidence that an inspired life creates.

I'm Ready for Change

Women Give & Give

We push through exhaustion and give and give and give until we don’t remember who we are anymore…

We don’t remember our magnificent nature and that we came here to planet earth with a special calling as we fill our days with the busyness of life.

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This Program is a Great Fit If…

  • You are 150% committed to creating either health, wealth, love & your unique expression of excellence. You don’t have to know the what or the how of it yet (I can help you with that), but you must be committed to the lifestyle.
  • You have the time & willingness to dedicate to our work together. This 7-step program takes dedication to yourself as it is a deep dive into creating clarity around the foundational aspects of your person &/or business. It will require a time commitment outside of our group or individual sessions.
  • You have the financial resources to dedicate to our work. This program is comprehensive - including private coaching, monthly group calls, revealing assessments, energy work and knowing you are worthy of receiving infinite possibilities.
  • You’re just starting a new chapter in life and you want support resulting in: increased courage, clarity, and confidence.
  • You have a huge heart and a creative mind with a desire to be out of struggle, live large and make a massive positive change in your life and the lives of others.
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This Program is Not a Good Fit If…

  • You are in financial crisis and don’t believe in investing in yourself to create a life by design. We won’t enjoy working together under that kind of pressure.
  • You have other priorities that will prevent you from being able to focus the time and energy on the work that is required to see results.
  • You blame others for your current situation in life. This program is personally &/or professionally expansive and challenging.  We will be looking at belief systems that may no longer be serving you. You MUST take responsibilities for your actions or lack thereof.
  • You don’t believe in miracles.
  • You are angry, untrusting and overly critical. We’ll be working together very closely, so I need to enjoy being around you…just say’in.
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Women Change the World is designed to help you remember what you've known all along. That you are a one time miracle with extraordinary gifts and talents.

We are here to love to be loved and be loving


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