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Dr. Beth Golden is committed to helping women thrive in the midst of rapid change by, honoring their amazingly unique nature, create a life by design, tap into your emotional guidance system, golden alignment, course corrections along the way, receive and celebrate!

Beth Golden PhD, is a Motivational Speaker and Certified Life Coach. She is the author of two books: Golden Solutions for Change and The Soulful Seven.

Dr. Golden’s genius is helping women 40 years of age or older recreate themselves so they can live the best of their life for the rest of their life. Of course, the student becomes the master and Dr. Golden realized when her personal life was in chaos so was everything else. 

It is very common to find ourselves standing at a crossroad

Over the course of ten years Dr. Golden has experienced the loss of her husband to a motorcycle accident, single parenting teenage sons, dating, moving six times in seven years while flipping homes, care giving a loved one after a stroke and the loss of three older family members within one quarter…There were days when she woke up and wondered…How the heck did I get here and now what do I do? She needed HELP and had a hard time finding the right fit.

It is very common to find ourselves standing at a crossroad…feeling overwhelmed and needing just the right guidance to move forward. Often times, we seek advice from family, friends, colleagues, even those whom we look up to, yet find ourselves back where we started. That’s because we often miss the most significant part of the equation: our own nature!

It is CLEAR that each of us are as unique as our thumbprint. No two people are wired exactly the same. We all want to be happy, healthy, financially secure, safe and to freely express ourselves. What works for you won’t necessarily work for others because we are all wired so differently!

When you work with Dr. Golden, you’ll enjoy her objective understanding of your unique being which helps to create YOUR ultimate life. You will experience accurate, profound and life changing perspectives, which provide a new understanding of your place in the world seen through the lens of: Courage, Clarity and Confidence.

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